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Diagnosis & Treatment

Prevention and screening isn't just for our physical bodies. Mental health fitness is an important component to overall health and wellness. You may suffer from depression, anxiety or any other mental barriers to your happiness. We can test for biological causes and determine whether you may benefit from counseling, diet changes, vitamins/supplements or even medication.

Medication Management

In cases where medications are used, it is important to manage them carefully with follow-up appointments. Our teleconferencing capabilities will help make this more convenient for you.

Genetic Testing

We offer genetic tests which can only be ordered by providers for their patients. These tests help to quickly determine your response to medications which shortens the time required to find what works for you. See GeneSight for more information.

Counseling Referrals

We gladly accept referrals from therapists. We can also help to match your needs to a therapist in our office.

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